The Corduroy Bomber - A Closer Look.

The Corduroy Bomber...

 After 6 months of visions, changes, sampling and fitting sessions, we created the perfect fitting jacket. The Corduroy Bomber is crafted with a perfected relaxed fit, coupled with a precise shoulder drop  to give you the exact look you would expect from a Black Moniker bomber jacket.

From luxury British spun corduroy, to Japanese silk lining, to fine ribbing from the heart of Milan, Italy. we didn't only create the perfect fitting bomber, we created it with the finest materials the world had to offer, hand developed in our studio in England. 

But how could we finish it off? Only with the best. The bomber features a 23 inch Riri silver zipper to add that extra touch of luxury. 

I would like to present to you, The Corduroy Bomber.

One of my favorite pieces to date. 

- Luke Taylor, Owner.